Factory OEM/ ODM Warehouse Lifting Equipment 24V DC Lead Acid / Li-ion Battery Electric Pallet Stacker
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Factory OEM/ ODM Warehouse Lifting Equipment 24V DC Lead Acid / Li-ion Battery Electric Pallet Stacker

  • 1000kg 1200kg 1500kg
  • Adjustable
  • Electric Forklift
  • AC Motor
  • Video Technical Support, Online Support
  • 12 Months
Product Description

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ONEN electric walkie pallet stacker has reliable performance, light and comfortable operation, low use and maintenance cost, small volume, energy-saving and environmental protection, no noise, and can work in narrow aisles.

1, Long operation handle allows more light steering.
2, Horizontal driving wheel, electromagnetic brake.
3, Safety features include a horn and belly reverse button.
4, Integral strong chassis with alloy steel insert legs.
5, Simple structure, easy to maintain and repair.

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CDD-A Electric Walkie Pallet Stacker
Technical Parameter
Features Product model
Power type
Driving way
Rated load Q      kg 1000 1500
Load center C      mm 500
Wheel base Y      mm 1115
Weight self-weight(include battery) kg 1050
Wheel Tire
Polyurethane wheels
Driving wheel mm Φ250×80
Bearing wheel mm Φ80×70
Balance wheel mm Φ125×50
Wheel number(Front/rear)(x=driven wheel)
Front wheel span mm 520
Real wheel span mm 530
Size Overall height(Closed) h1     mm See below schedule for details.
Free lifting height h2     mm
Max. lifting height h3     mm
Overall height(Extended) h4     mm
Fork clearance from the ground h5     mm 85
Overall length L1     mm 1727
Body width L2     mm 577
Overall  width b1     mm 800
Size Fork size s/e/l  mm 160/60/1150
Fork outer width b3     mm 560/680
Min. ground clearance m      mm 25
Aisle width for pallet 1000*1200 Ast    mm 2200
Performance Turning radius Wa     mm 1296
Travel speed (full / empty load) km/h 4/4.5
Lifting speed (full / empty load) m/s 95/165
Lowering speed (full / empty load) m/s 110/100
Max. gradeability (fully / empty load) % 5/8
Brake type
Electromagnetic brake
Motor Driving motor power kw 0.65
Lifting motor power kw 2.5
Battery V/Ah 24/80
Other Weight of battery kg 27x2
Control model
Field effect tube control
Noise dB(A) <70

a Lifting height h3(mm) 1600 2000 2500 3000 3300 3500
b Overall height h1(mm) 2050 1600 1850 2100 2250 2350
c Free lifting height h2(mm) 1600 0 0 0 0 0
d Max. height h4(mm) 2050 2870 3120 3370 3520 3620

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