High Efficiency Practical 2000-3500kg Four Wheel Countbalance Electric Forklifts Truck
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High Efficiency Practical 2000-3500kg Four Wheel Countbalance Electric Forklifts Truck

  • 2000-3500kg
  • Adjustable
  • Heavy Forklift
  • AC Motor
  • Video Technical Support, Online Support
  • 1 Year

Four Wheels Counterbalance Forklift

* Wide view mast, clear visibility.
* Low height access step with wide steel non-slip plate for easy entry and exit.
* Cowl-mounted hydraulic levers design offers big operation space.
* An adjustable tilt steering column offers the most comfortable operator position.
* Seat with safety belt and armrest.
* High-friction brake shoes are a fee for asbestos.

Product Description

High Efficiency Electric Forklifts

Electric Forklifts

Efficiency Electric Forklifts

Features Model

CPDD2030 CPDD3030 CPDD3530
Power type

Rated load
kg 2000 3000 3500
Load center
mm 500
Weight Self-weight Unladen kg 4300
Bridge load Laden/ Unladen, Front bridge kg 6259/2029 6259/2030 7085/2299
Laden/ Unladen, Rear bridge kg 550/1761 550/2131 550/2501
Tire Tire type

Solid tyre / Pneumatic tyre
Number of wheel Front/Rear
Wheel base
mm 1700
Tire size Front
23*9-10NHS 23*9-15NHS
Wheel span Front/Rear mm 1005/980
Mast Max. lifting height Standard 2-stage mast mm 3000
Free lifting height Standard 2-stage mast mm 80
Mast height Closed/ Extended mm 2010/4145
Mast tilt angle (front/ rear) Standard 2-stage mast deg 6/8
Fork arm carrier DIN standard mm 1100
Fork outer width (min./max.) Adjustable mm 272/1072
Fork size s/e/l mm 45*122*1070
Chassis Overall length Standard 2-stage mast mm 3620
Overall width
mm 1345
Overhead guard height
mm 2040
Turning radius
mm 2300 2350 2350
Front overhang Standard 2-stage mast mm 475 500 500
Aisle width
mm 3975 4060 4060
Min. ground clearance mast to ground mm 135
Chassis center mm 150
Battery size L/W/H mm 680*1138*790
Performance Travel speed Laden/ Unladen km/h 10/13
Lifting speed Laden/ Unladen mm 0.25/0.36
Lowering speed Laden/ Unladen M/S 0.4/0.2
Max. traction force 5min kg 1633 1531 1633
60min kg 336
Max. gradeability 5min % 12
System Motor/ Controller Drive motor/ Lifting motor
Power of moter Driving motor power kw 12/14
Lifting motor power kw 13
Battery Type
Lead acid battery
Voltage v 48
Capacity (5 hours discharge) Ah 600
Weigt(Min./ Max.) kg 1440/1740
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