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  • ONEN Forklifts explore markets actively, and supports Taishan's high-quality development

    The Taishan Overseas Chinese Federation High-quality development Action Briefing Conference was held in Taishan City.

  • We’re looking for dealers all over the world!

    We are looking forward to build a long term cooperation with you and working together for the development of the international electric warehouse and logistics equipment industry!

  • Top 10 common forklift accidents,forklift operation should pay attention to these matters!

    Don't underestimate the forklift at work. If the operation is not good, there will be serious accidents in minutes, and there are many accidents involving forklifts.Case 1: The forklift cargo blocked the driver's sight, and the person in front could not be found, resulting in a rolling accident. Cas

  • Is it time for your forklift to be replaced? - China ONEN Forklifts

    Generally speaking, whether the forklift needs to be updated is usually based on the following considerations: 1, Maintenance costs. The failure rate of the forklift is high, which affects the production operation, and the maintenance cost is high, and the cost is close to the residual value of the

  • How to solve the problem of forklift brake failure?

    1. If the brake pedal is trampled several times in succession, the pedal does not rise and there is no resistance, you should first check whether the brake master cylinder is short of brake fluid.2. If there is a shortage, add the same type of brake fluid and remove the air in the pipeline; if not,

  • 5 Tips of Electric Forklift Autumn Maintenance -- ONEN Forklifts

    In the alternation of summer and autumn, how should electric forklifts be properly maintained? What are the small details to pay attention to? 1, Paint MaintenanceLong-term exposure to sunlight and strong ultraviolet radiation in summer will accelerate the aging and oxidation of car paint. In additi

  • How to install the forks mast on the forklift?

    For the newly purchased forklift, whether it is an electric forklift or a diesel forklift, usually the equipment dealer will install the forklift and then deliver it to us. When we receive the equipment, it can be used directly without installation. But have you also considered importing forklift eq

  • The difference between AC motor and DC motor of material handling equipment-- ONEN Forklifts

    The difference between AC motor and DC motor of electric forklift With the development of new energy warehouse equipment, the motors used by different material handling equipment are also different. At present, it is more common to be divided into AC motors and DC motors. So what is the difference b

  • How to choose a warehouse equipment?

    In order to make your warehouse more efficient, you need to choose a suitable equipment. ONEN Forklifts offers a wide selection of warehouse equipment to help you save serious time and labor costs at material handling, cargo moving and stacking.How to choose a right warehouse equipment for your spec

  • Aerial Work Platforms: A Comprehensive Guide to Electric Scissor Lifts and Electric Lifting Platforms

    Aerial work platforms, also known as aerial lifts, are mechanical devices used to provide access to elevated areas for various types of work. There are many types of aerial work platforms, but two popular options are electric scissor lifts and electric lifting platforms. In this article, we will foc

  • The Pros and Cons of Stand-On and Sit-Down Electric Reach Trucks

    Electric reach trucks are becoming increasingly popular in the material handling industry due to their efficient and reliable performance. They are an excellent choice for companies that require a high level of productivity and safety in their warehouse operations. Two main types of electric reach t

  • Electric Counterbalance Forklifts

    Powered by an electric motor and battery, rather than an internal combustion engine, counterbalance forklifts are smaller, easier to manoeuvre and generally more efficient.These trucks are perfect for warehouses and indoor narrow aisle storage systems. They have low maintenance costs, are quieter an

  • The Basics of a Electric Stacker

    The stand on electric pallet stacker is a type of material handling equipment that allows you to move and lift heavy loads. It's a great way to reduce injuries among your employees and increase productivity. It can help you save time and money, which will lead to more profits for your company.The pr

  • Improve Your Bottom Line With Forklift Scales

    In the warehouse, docks and shipping operations, weighing products as they enter and leave is critical to controlling costs, maximizing billing accuracy, calculating shipping costs and identifying theft or damage. The addition of a forklift scale can significantly increase efficiency and improve you

  • The Benefits of Hydraulic Pump Electric Pallet Jacks and Electric Pallet Trucks

    Hydraulic pump electric pallet jacks and electric pallet trucks are both important pieces of equipment used in warehouses and other industries. They provide the ability to move heavy items quickly and efficiently while reducing the risk of injury. In this article, we will explore the benefits of usi

  • Hydraulic Pump Electric Pallet Jack

    A Hydraulic Pump Electric Pallet Jack uses a hydraulic system to power the forks of the truck. The pump unit is located near the handle of the truck, and the hand grip on the handle controls the direction that the forks travel as they raise or lower.Pallet jacks are useful materials handling tools f

  • Are Electric Pallet Trucks Right For Your Facility?

    A pallet truck is a horizontal handling device that helps to reduce the time and effort needed to load and unload pallets. It is useful in a variety of industries.They come in both electric and manual varieties. Some models are specially designed for particular applications. Regardless of the type o


    Our company will be closed from January 15th to 29th for Chinese New Year holiday. Normal business will resume on January 30th.

  • A Powered Walkie Stacker Forklift Is An Excellent Option For Larger-scale Loads

    The electric walkie stacker is a portable, easy-to-use device designed for low-level pallet stacking applications. These lightweight, compact stackers are ideal for use in warehouses and distribution centers.Featuring a sturdy, weather-resistant construction, the Electric Walkie Stacker is built to

  • A Walkie Stacker Forklift Is A Type of Pallet Jack

    Walkie stackers are used for distributing loads in warehouses and distribution centers. They are also a popular choice for homeowners who need to store large items in tight spaces. In most cases, they can be operated by one person.Some walkie stackers can lift up to 3,000 pounds. However, it is impo

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