ONEN CDD-B Suspened Pivot Walking Walkie Stacker Forklift Electric Pallet Stacker
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ONEN CDD-B Suspened Pivot Walking Walkie Stacker Forklift Electric Pallet Stacker


ONEN CDD-B Suspened Pivot Walking Walkie Stacker Forklift Electric Pallet Stacker

An electric pallet stacker can increase your warehouse's productivity by stacking and rearranging pallets in less time. There are several different types of electric pallet stackers to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. These include lift height, weight capacity, and number of batteries. The cost of an Electric Pallet Stacker also depends on the size of the batteries, the type of construction, and the power of the driving motor.

An electric pallet stacker can be dragged behind a worker like a cart. This allows for easy operation, especially for shorter distances. Traditionally, stackers have been operated from a high platform or cage. However, with today's electric pallet stackers, you can operate the stacker from a standing position, using its motors and hydraulic system. You can also find these machines with increased ground clearance and models that can operate on sloped surfaces and ramps.

Electric Pallet Stacker

Feature 1 Model

2 Configuration No.

3 Drive

4 Steering mode

Mechanical steering
5 Type of operation

6 Load capacity Q kg 1500
7 Load center C mm 500
8 Wheel base Y mm 1115
Weight 1 Service weight with battery
kg 600
Wheels 1 Wheels type

2 Driving wheel size
mm Φ210×75
3 Balance wheel size
mm Φ125×50
4 Bearing wheel size
mm Φ80×70
5 Wheel quantity(front /rear)(x=Driving wheel)

6 Wheel span,front
mm 400/520
7 Wheel span,rear
mm 530
Dimension 1 Mast lowered height h1 mm Appendix 1 for details
2 Free lift h2 mm
3 Lift height h3 mm
4 Extended mast height h4 mm
5 Overall size(lenght x width) L1×b1 mm 1727×800
5 Lowered fork height h5 mm 85
6 Handle ground clearance(Max/Min) h6 mm 1300/700
7 Length to face of forks L2 mm 577
8 Fork size s/e/l mm 160/60/1150
9 Overall fork width b3 mm 560/680
10 Min.ground clearance m mm 30
11 Min.Aisle width for pallets 1000×1200 Ast mm 2200
12 Turning radius Wa mm 1300
Performance 1 Travel speed(laden/unladen)
km/h 4/4.5
2 Lift speed(laden/unladen)
m/s 95/165
3 Lowering speed(laden/unladen)
m/s 100/110
4 Gradeability(laden/unladen)
% 5/8
5 Brake

Electrical configuration 1 Drive motor
kw 0.65
2 Lift motor
kw 2.5
1 Battery voltage/capacity
V/Ah 2×12V/80 Ah
2 Battery weight
kg 2×27
Other Details 1 Type of drive control

2 Sound leave at driver's ear
to EN 12053

dB(A) <70
Appendix 1
Lift height Mast lowered height Free lift Extended mast height
h3(mm) h1(mm) h2(mm) h4(mm)
1600 2050 1600 2050
2000 1600 - 2870
2500 1850 - 3120
3000 2100 - 3370
3500 2350 - 3620

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Electric Pallet Stacker

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