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ONEN CDDD Stand-on Double Lift Electric Pallet Stacker Factory Direct Sales

        ONEN Electric stacker truck is a device used for transporting and lifting goods. This machine is driven by electricity and has the characteristics of strong power, easy operation, and adjustable lifting height. Electric carts typically consist of a vehicle body, an electric drive system, a lifting device, and a control system. The body of electric stacker trucks is usually made of solid steel, which has good load-bearing capacity and stability. The electric drive system uses an electric motor as the power source and is powered by a battery to drive the vehicle forward and backward. The lifting device is usually a hydraulic system that can lift and lower goods through control buttons or handles, and the lifting height can be adjusted as needed.
    1. Dual tray design, capable of picking up two trays simultaneously, improving work efficiency
    2. Vertical drive wheel, AC motor, strong power, small turning radius
    3. The lifting function of the bottom legs increases the ground clearance, resulting in higher          passability and more flexible operation
    4. High strength anti torsion gantry design, ensuring a payload of 2 tons
    5. Equipped with a 24V fast charging charger, with short charging time
  • CDD-D

  • 欧能

  • steels

  • Suitable for factory workshop, square lobby airport, park and other high-altitude work needs of customers.

  • 1.5-2.0T

  • PU

  • 7

  • orange+black

  • 500mm

  • Standing and driving style

  • Electric Pallet Stacker

  • AC Motor

  • Electric

  • 1.6-4.0m

  • completely new

  • 1 year or 1000 hours

  • provided

  • Surface painting

  • Support

  • CDD-D

  • ONEN

  • Italian brand


  • 1.5/2.0T

ONEN CDDD Stand-on Double Lift Electric Pallet Stacker Factory Direct Sales

Electric Pallet Stacker

CDD-FS Electric Double Pallet Handling Stacker
Technical Parameter
Feature 1 Model

2 Series No.

15-FS 20-FS
3 Power type

4 Steering type

Electric Power Steering
5 Operating type

6 Load capacity Q kg 1500 2000
7 Load center distance C mm 500
8 Rear overhang X mm 400
9 Wheel base Y mm 1375
Weight 1 Service weight with battery
kg 1200 1250
Wheel 1 Wheel type

2 Driving wheel size
mm Φ230×75
3 Balance wheel size
mm Φ125×60
4 Bearing wheel size
mm Φ80×70
5 Qty. (front/rear, X=driving wheel)

6 Front wheel span
mm 350/450
7 Rear wheel span
mm 700
Size 1 Lowered mast height h1 mm See details in Mast Table
2 Free lifting height h2 mm
3 Max. lifting height h3 mm
4 Extended mast height h4 mm
5 Overall length L1 mm 2075 2115

Overall width b1
6 Fork clearance from the ground h5 mm 90
7 Length to face of fork L2 mm 927
8 Fork size s/e/l mm 230/60/1150
9 Fork outer width b3 mm 580/680
10 Min. ground clearance m mm 30
11 Aisle width Ast mm 2335
Pallet 1000x1200(1000沿货叉边)
13 Turning radius Wa mm 1940 1970
Performance 1 Driving speed (laden/ unladed)
km/h 5.2/6.0
2 Lifting speed (laden/ unladed)
m/s 95/165 70/120
3 Lowering speed (laden/ unladed)
m/s 100/110 65/80
4 Max. gradeablity (laden/ unladed)
% 8/15
5 Brake type

Electromagnetic brake
Motor power 1 Driving motor power
kw AC 1.5
2 Lifting motor power
kw 2.5
Battery 1 Voltage/ Capacity
V/Ah 24/210
2 Weight
kg 185
Others 1 Control mode

Mosfets control
2 Sound level at driver's ear
dB(A) <70
Mast Table
Lift height Free lift height Closed mast height Extended mast height
h3(mm) h1(mm) h2(mm) h4(mm)
1600 2230 1600 2230
2000 1735 200 2660
2500 1985 200 3160
3000 2200 200 3660
3300 2385 200 4060
3500 2450 200 4160
4000 2700 200 4410

Why Choose ONEN

Q1. Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are a professional manufacturer of warehouse material handling equipment for more than 30 years, our factory Guangdong Onen New-resource Equipments Co., Ltd. Locates in Taishan City of Guangdong province.

Q2. Can I buy samples?
A: Sure, please feel free to contact with us for samples.

Q3. What is your lead time?
A: It depends on the order quantity and the season you place order. Usually we can ship within 7-15 days for small quantity, and about 30 days for large quality.

Q4. What is your payment term?
A: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, L/C. Payment term is negotiable.

Q5. What is the shipping method?
A: Goods can be shipped by sea, by air, by railway, or by express. Please confirm with us before place order.

Q6: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
A: We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers' benefit, Furthermore, we respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business with them, no matter where they are.

Electric Pallet Stacker

Double Lift Electric Pallet Stacker

Electric Pallet Stacker Double Rising

13 Fu’ an East Road, Shuibu Town, Taishan
City, Jiangmen City, Guangdong China
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ONEN Forklifts is originated in Europe with high quality and made in China for fine workmanship and more affordable price. Our good quality and service help us gain many good reputations, we hope can start a business and build a long term cooperation with you!

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