ONEN CPDD-L Lithium Battery Forklift 3.0/3.5T Factory Wholesale Heavy Duty Electric Forklift
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ONEN CPDD-L Lithium Battery Forklift 3.0/3.5T Factory Wholesale Heavy Duty Electric Forklift

Advantages of Ouneng 3.5T lithium-ion forklift
1. Multiple gantry height options, 3-6 meters, suitable for various scenarios
2. Free lifting height of 1.5 meters, capable of loading and unloading goods inside containers
3. Seven piece composite chain, sturdy and durable
4. Flexible turning and simple operation
5. Can be matched with various accessories
6. Long battery life and short charging time
7. No pollution, low noise, strong climbing ability
  • CPDD-L

  • 欧能

  • steels

  • drive

  • 3.0/3.5T

  • 4

  • Solid core tires

  • green+black

  • 500mm

  • Adjustable seat type

  • Lithium ion balanced forklift

  • AC motor

  • Electric

  • 3.0-5.0m

  • completely new

  • 1 year or 2000 hours

  • provided

  • Surface painting

  • support

  • CPDD-L

  • ONEN

  • Italian brand


  • 3.0-3.5T

ONEN CPDD-L Lithium Battery Forklift 3.0/3.5T Factory Wholesale 

Heavy Duty Electric Forklift

Compared to internal combustion vehicles, Ouneng lithium-ion forklifts have the following advantages:

1. Lithium batteries have high energy density and high efficiency, providing more stable and sustainable power            output.

2. Zero emissions, no harmful gases generated, help create a cleaner working environment.

3. Silent operation reduces noise pollution and provides a more comfortable working environment.

4. Long battery life, fast charging during work breaks, improving work efficiency.

5. Faster starting speed, can start immediately without the need for preheating and cooling time.

6. When starting, the torque is high and the response is fast, making it more efficient for handling short distance        goods.

7. The electric forklift's motor is reversible, with better starting and braking performance, and more flexible control      of vehicle speed and steering angle.

8. Electric forklifts do not have vulnerable parts such as pistons and crankshafts.

9. Low maintenance frequency, long lifespan, greatly improving production efficiency, and more economical long-      term operating costs.

10. Suitable for indoor and outdoor work, especially in places sensitive to environmental pollution, such as food            storage.



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ONEN Forklifts is originated in Europe with high quality and made in China for fine workmanship and more affordable price. Our good quality and service help us gain many good reputations, we hope can start a business and build a long term cooperation with you!

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